Journal Articles

Forthcoming. “Varied Effects of Policy Cues on Partisan Opinions” now accepted at Politics & Policy. Old version.

2013. “The Variable Politics of the Policy Process: Issue Area Differences and Comparative Networks.” Journal of Politics. Ungated.

2013. “Lobbying and Congressional Bill Advancement.” Interest Groups & Advocacy. (with Kurt Pyle). Ungated.

2012. “Interest Group Influence on U.S. Policy Change: An Assessment Based on Policy History.” Interest Groups & AdvocacyUngated.

2012. “What (or Who) Makes Campaigns Negative?” American Review of PoliticsUngated.

2011.“Online Student Publishing in the Classroom: The Experience of the Michigan Policy Network” PS. Ungated.

2010.“Do Voters Perceive Negative Campaigns as Informative Campaigns?” American Politics Research. (with John Sides and Keena Lipsitz). Ungated.

2010.“Political Science at the State University in the State Capital” The Forum.

2010. “La Poesi et la Prose des Lobbies sous Obama.” Revue Internationale et Strategique.

2009. “Party Coalitions and Interest Group Networks.” American Politics Research. (with Casey Dominguez) Ungated.

2009. “Do the Strategists Know Something We Don’t Know Campaign Decisions in American Elections.” The Forum 7(3). Ungated.

2009. “Going Pro? The Professional Model and Political Campaign Consulting.” Journal of Political Marketing 8(2). Ungated.

2009. “Campaigning as an Industry: Consulting Business Models and Intra-Party Competition. Business & Politics 11(1). Ungated.

2009. “Who Gets What Now? Interest Groups Under Obama.&rdquo: The Forum. 7(1) Ungated.

2008. “Just Another Interest Group? Organized Ethnic Representation in American Politics.” National Political Science Review 11(1). Ungated.

2006. “The Organization of Factions: Interest Mobilization and the Group Theory of Politics.” Public Organization Review 6(2). Ungated.

2006. “Research Note: Environmental Advocacy in Washington: A Comparison with Other Interest Groups.” Environmental Politics 15(4). Ungated.

2005. “The Dynamics of a Disturbance: New and Established Interests in Technology Policy Debates.” Knowledge, Technology & Policy 18(3). Ungated.

2005. “What Voters Want From Political Campaign Communication.” Political Communication 22(3) (with Keena Lipsitz, John Sides, and Christine Trost). Ungated.

Conference Papers:

Policymaking in Red and Blue: Asymmetric Partisan Politics and American Governance. APSA 2014 with David Hopkins

The Interest Group Top Tier: More Groups, Concentrated Clout. APSA 2014 with Lee Drutman and Tim LaPira

The Ideological Right vs. The Interest Group Left MPSA 2014 with David Hopkins