Paper Acceptances

My paper with David Hopkins, ”Ideology on the Right, Group Benefits on the Left: Asymmetry of American Party Politics” was  accepted at Perspectives on Politics: Old version

My paper with Sarah Reckhow and Benjamin Evans, “Policy Cues and Ideology in Attitudes toward Charter Schools” was accepted at Policy Studies Journal: Old version.

My paper, “The Varied Effects of Policy Cues on Partisan Opinions,” is now accepted at Politics & Policy: Old version.

My paper with Brendon Swedlow, “Judicial Contributions to US Policy Change, 1945-2004” conditionally accepted at Journal of Law & Courts.

OLLI Lecture: “Interest Group Influence on U.S. Policy Change”

I am speaking in Ann Arbor for the OLLI lecture series on Thursday, October 9th. Here are the slides. I have included links to further information below.

The Not-So-Special Interests:

Artists of the Possible:

Asymmetric Politics (Party Differences):

"The Interest Group Top Tier"

Kindle version of Artists of the Possible

The all device kindle version of my book, Artists of the Possible: Governing Networks and American Policy Change Since 1945, is now available & only $16:

Asymmetric Politics Project

David Hopkins and I are working on a project on the implications of party asymmetry in American politics. We see the Republican Party as an agent of an ideological movement and the Democratic Party as a coalition of social groups and believe this distinction helps explain the influence of the Tea Party and the lack of an equivalent movement among Democrats.

Two papers are available from the project: “The Ideological Right vs. The Interest Group Left" from MPSA 2014 and Policymaking in Red and Blue: Asymmetric Partisan Politics and American Governance" from APSA 2014.

Our book proposal is available here: “Asymmetric Politics: The Republican Ideological Movement and the Democratic Group Coalition.” 

The project has also stimulated media interest: 

For further related reading, see my book Artists of the Possible: Governing Networks and American Policy Change Since 1945, my op-ed “The Liberal Arc of U.S. Policy,” my co-authored article “Party Coalitions and Interest Group Networks,” and this forthcoming article by Yphtach Lelkes and Paul Sniderman.

Podcast on Artists of the Possible

I was a guest on the New Books in Political Science podcast with Heath Brown to discuss my new book, Artists of the Possible: Governing Networks and American Policy Change Since 1945. Here is the link.

APSA Papers

Campaigns & Elections course

I will be teaching Campaigns & Elections this fall. Students practice content analysis on media coverage of the governor’s race and follow a House, Senate, and state legislative race. Here is the syllabus.

Series Editor for Politics of American Public Policy

I will be serving as Series Editor for the Routledge book series, “Politics of American Public Policy.” I am now seeking proposals for books on health policy, environmental policy, education policy, social welfare, and tax & budget policy. Each book will cover one major issue area, integrating scholarly lessons with current events. The idea is to guide students to important theories of policymaking and research on American governance while capitalizing on their interests in specific substantive areas. Instead of becoming bogged down in policy details or historical narrative, the books will offer lessons on the key actors, ideas, institutions, and trends driving policymaking. Please contact me if you are able to offer an insightful and integrated approach to policymaking in a particular issue area. 

Wisconsin Public Radio Program on My Book

I discussed Artists of the Possible on the Kathleen Dunn Show on Wisconsin Public Radio. You can listen to the interview (with call-ins) here:

New Review and Media

In a new review for the Journal of Politics, Anne Baker says of The Not-So-Special Interests: “From its rigorous theoretical frameworks to its comprehensive and diverse data analysis, this book represents the gold standard to which interest group studies should aspire.”

For my new book, Artists of the Possible, I will be on the Kathleen Dunn Show on Wisconsin Public Radio on June 25th and the New Books Network podcast on June 23rd.